Computer Networking Practice Quiz – Set 5

computer networking practice quiz set 5

This section includes practice quiz on computer networking. It includes 20 multiple choice quizzes carrying one mark each. Try this quiz and test your skills on computer networking.  Best of luck.


#1. Which type of physical topology used by FDDI?

#2. Which of the following are the network services?

#3. In mesh topology, relationship between one device to another is ___________.

#4. Which of the following topologies uses various connections to increase redundancy?

#5. Which of the following describes a process that can translate internal network IP addresses to external ones?

#6. Which of the following WAN technologies would have the HIGHEST latency?

#7. You have created several network subnets and want to route traffic between them. Which of the following networking device should you use?

#8. Which of the following devices forwards data packets to all connected ports?

#9. Which of following connectors is mostly used with optical fiber cabling?

#10. In a crossover cable, which wire is wire 1 crossed with?

#11. Which of the following describes the loss of signal strength as a signal travels through a particular medium?

#12. Which of the following wireless protocols operate at 2.4 GHz? (Select three.)

Select all that apply:

#13. You are installing a wireless network solution, and you require a standard that can operate using either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequencies. Which of the following standards would you choose?

#14. Which of the following protocols is used in thin-client computing?

#15. Your company wants to create a secure tunnel between two networks over the Internet. Which of the following protocols would you use to do this?

#16. Which of the following ports is used by TACACS+ by default?

#17. What are the security tokens used with Kerberos known as?

#18. WPA uses which encryption algorithm?

#19. Which of the following is PoE+ also known as?

#20. What is the term used for the number of hops necessary to reach a node?