What are the benefits of computer

This article will explain what are the major benefits of computers.

Benefits of Computer

what are the benefits of computers

Nowadays, the computer has become the most popular and vital electronic device used by us. Computers are found almost everywhere, whether it be schools, colleges, offices, homes, hospitals, hotels, etc. Hence, the benefits of computers are unaccountable in the modern age. Although It has countless benefits in all areas of human civilization, there are some areas where ar being widely used.

There are certain areas where the computers are extensively being used and benefited most from it:

Academic Education

Education is the area where computers are widely used as a vital teaching aid. The faculties and the students are most benefited after the advent of computers in the field of education. The use of computers at schools and colleges brought a significant role among students and teachers. The computer along with internet access provides the platform to access Global libraries such as online video tutorials, free e-books, live webinars, and live online virtual classrooms.  The conventional teaching and learning methods have limited scope to understand the topics because students have the only options to read books given in the classroom or in the libraries.

Computers can store a huge collection of e-books and students have better options to refer to these e-books using computers whether at home or schools. A room full of library books can be stored as e-books in a computer hard disk   The teachers and the students have better interaction by using computers and the internet.

Business Operation

The use of computers in business operations benefit a lot in the area of production, reduction in manpower, automation, and inventory management. Every business in this day utilizes the computers for every department.

Every year, hundreds and thousands of companies launch their business from home as well as small offices. They mostly use inexpensive computers and software to set up a business, perform basic functions, manage and grow their business.

The use of computer software makes business operations easier and faster.  many computer software is available for accounting, inventory management, marketing, and automation. The production and operating cost are drastically reduced using the computers thereby gain huge profit form the business as compared to manual and conventional business methods.

Medical Treatment

Computers play a key role in medical treatment. Nowadays all the big hospitals and the health centers employ the computer system to record and manage patient’s medical details. The doctors often record patients’ details like his/her medical history,  family details, physical ailments, already diagnosed diseases, and prescribed medicines.  All this information is stored in the computers database. the doctors can access the patients diagnosed information from anywhere and immediately pay attention to the patient’s health status.

The computer application software like the hospital management system keep track of the patient’s medical database, doctors’ availability, medicine inventory management so efficiently. Nowadays, the testing and diagnostic labs are well equipped with computer-operated machines that give accurate results. Even the major operation theatres incorporate computer systems to carry out surgical operations.

The sectors like telemedicine employ the extensive use of computers and internet to provide medical treatment to the patient remotely. The patient and doctors have live interaction through online video calling.

Hotel Industry

The computers are also used by hotel industries for better customer services. Today, almost all the hotels have their web sites that provide to book the rooms form anywhere. The web site portals provide all the information, a customer needs like, availability of the room,  room rent, location of the hotel, and even checking in and checking out.

Banking System

There is a huge benefit of computers in the banking sectors and the financial institution.  The bank holds and manages the various account details of the customers. Earlier, when the use of computers are rare in the banking system, all the task like maintaining daily update of customers accounts transaction, maintaining of the journal for credit and debit have to be done manually. its a cumbersome task and the manpower needed to complete this task.

Nowadays the manual tasks are replaced by computers. the computer can store a huge collection of information. The banking systems employ the centralized server to manage the network and the client system. The customer transaction like withdrawal and deposited are entered into the client system that are automatically handled and managed by the server instantly. It reduces the huge manpower.

The net banking facility has given even more flexibility. the customer can sit at home and login to his account and perform all transactions online without going to the branch.

Air Ticket and Railway Reservation

The reservation of tickets for the flight and the railway has become more flexible. If you computer or portable smart device with an internet connection then you can book tickets from their respective web portals. the portals are so transparent that you can find all the information like flight or train schedule, seat availability, booking history, and process of cancellation.


E-commerce has emerged as the biggest online platform to grow your business. The extensive use of computers helps to transform paper-based process, distribution, retrieval, and management into the paperless. thus reducing cost, time, and manpower.

The use of computers in the e-commerce industry provides better customer service and brand image of the company. The introduction of pull-type supply management services helps to deliver the products instantly, as customer demand.

Scientific and Research

The impact of computers in the field of scientific research and development is immense.  The computer is used as a vital tool for research and development. When research is done, a huge collection of data needs to be stored as a database in the computer and the software tools help to analyze the data.

The computers help to perform Data analysis and interpretation. Data analysis software makes it easier to calculate complex problems like Statistical calculation, percentage, and correlation, etc very quickly and accurately. The software used for this purpose is SPSS, STATA, Sysat, etc.

The computers are further used for checking the reliability of data, establishing and testing hypotheses and interpretation, etc. They can check the accuracy and authenticity of the data. The computer helps to create drafting tables that helps to interpret the result easily. The tables provide clear proof of the interpretation made by the researcher. Further, the computer helps to convert this interpretation result in a research article and kept for publication.


The computer plays a major role in the field of the military establishment. The computer-assisted communication system has always a greater impact on military organizations. There is a saying ” Communication is the backbone of the Force.” The modern military equipment are fully computerized. There are many weapons that can be controlled by computer systems.

There are uncountable benefits of computers. This article will not be enough to explain all.


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