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As we all know the computer is one of the most widely used modern electronic devices that can be seen everywhere in our day to day life, whether it is a home, office, schools, business establishments and so on. So, the knowledge on the computer has become compulsory for everyone, in order to keep pace with modern civilization.

My Computer Notes is a small initiative from the author to provide information on the various topics related to the computer from the fundamentals to the advanced topics. Apart from the tutorials, it contains a “How To” page, that provides step by step guide to troubleshoot the common problems related to computer hardware and software, issues regarding smartphones and other personal electronic gadgets.

You will find the MCQ section that contains multiple-choice questions on all subjects of computers. MCQ is very helpful for the students, job seekers, and working professionals to test their skills prepare for the competitive exams on the concerned subjects. you will also find the latest practice questions on the reputed IT  certification programs like CCNA, CompTIA A+, CompTIA N+, CompTIA Security+, etc.

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